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We’ve got Ceroc events all over the globe. Whatever you’re looking for, our event finder is your one stop shop.

  • Burn the floor at weekend Dance parties and local Freestyles. 
  • Fast track your learning at weekend Workshops (for a range of different abilities).
  • Embark on a Dance Adventure at our National Escape Weekenders. 
  • Enjoy sun, sea and Ceroc on our exciting overseas Dance Holidays.

Look below the map for the complete list; type your full postcode to localise the results or click into the map to see where the events and choose your event!

International events

Name Type Location Postcode Date
Ceroc BLAZE 2018 - Croatia International near Rovinj, Croatia 13/05/2018 Sun
Ceroc CRUISE 2018 International Northern Europe 09/07/2018 Mon
Ceroc MEDFEST 2018 International Calpe, Alicante, Spain 03710 16/09/2018 Sun