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Dancing at Ceroc - no need to book, turn up on your own, join us on any week!

All Ceroc venues are temporarily closed

Ceroc is the newest and easiest way to learn how to dance. Whether you want to improve your dance skills; experience a fun dance night; prepare for GCSE, A-Level, or any other dance specialisation; or need help for making a career in dance - Ceroc is the ideal choice. We have venues across the UK. Ceroc is a franchise based dance learning programme that is open to anyone who loves to dance irrespective of their ability levels. Having said that, we have different dance programmes or learning courses depending on how you want to learn and your comfort levels.

Our Class Nights take place every day of the week with 30 to 250 participants. Your ability levels are not a matter of concern - your desire for learning is the most important thing. If you want to be part of our class nights, you don’t even have to book beforehand. Just visit one of our venues and join in to participate in the fastest growing dance phenomenon. You won't have the ability to choose the dance type in our class nights; however, the dance skills you learn with us can be used in other solo dance styles, partner dance styles, and National Curriculum specifications. So, if you attend our dance classes, you will be able to transfer these skills to specific formal dance classes, such as Salsa dance class nights, Ballroom & Latin American, Tango, Bachata, Zouk, Street Dance, Contemporary, Jive, and many others - remember Ceroc teaches you to dance rather than a specific dance form. If you want to work in a small group and want the teacher to focus more on you, our weekend workshops or Cerocshops are perfect. In addition, we also have freestyle dance sessions, beginner classes, and lead and follow partner dance.

Our team of teachers, DJs, and taxi dancers work closely together to help our members learn to dance in the most fun and friendly way. When you join Ceroc, you can expect to have fun dancing sessions that will help you learn more than a skill or two.