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Why Dance Instruction Videos can Never Replace Physical Dance Classes

With the advancement of technology, various things have been overtaken by their digital counterparts. For long old school letters, paper books have been replaced by e-mails and e-books. In this world, where reality has become virtual, certain things remain irreplaceable. Just like FaceTime cannot take the place of face to face hangouts, a real-life experience like a dance class would always be way better than an instructional dance video on YouTube. Whether it is ballroom dancing classes for beginners or professional level dancers, a physical class always has more to offer.

The most important aspect of learning to dance is to have partners to practice it with. In a physical dance class, you can find many partners, if you don’t have one already. For ballroom dance forms it is almost essential to have a partner.

It is a general pattern that every teacher teaches differently and thinks he is right. It may not be wrong but it is the reason behind the varying interpretation of dance moves and techniques by every other teacher. A good teacher would figure out what’s working for you the best and what isn’t. Consequently, he will take the corresponding approach. Whereas if you are trying to learn dance from videos, you would be missing out on this aspect. There are videos out there where the teacher is very wrong or he doesn’t have any experience of teaching dance. What people usually think is that after learning dance for a while they are ready to teach it. A good teacher needs to be certified along with considerable years of experience in teaching. In an actual class, you can meet the students of the teachers who have been there longer than you and verify about him.

Instructional dance videos are not interactive whereas a physical dance class is highly interactive. It also gives you an opportunity to socialize and make friends with similar interests. You can join your fellow dancers on Ballroom Dance weekends and make the most of your dancing skills. The upshots of a physical dance class are many over the dance instructional videos, thus opting for the former is any day recommended.