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Learn to Ballroom Dance - Dance Classes & Lessons

Alexandru Pogor and Katrina North Ballroom Dancers at Ceroc Bliss Camber Sands 2018

Ballroom dancing is an umbrella term, which is used for a group of partner dances. It is enjoyed around the world, both competitively and socially. Its entertainment and performance aspects have made it a popular dance for television, stage, and film performers. Ballroom dance, in a broader sense, could be used for different social dance forms that are performed for recreational purposes.

Ballroom dance derives its name from the word ‘ball’, which itself was derived from a Latin word ‘ballare’ - meaning “to dance”. A ballroom is a specially designed, spacious room for such dances. In the past, ballroom dance was reserved as a social dance form for the rich and privileged while the lower classes had folk dances to enjoy themselves socially. A very important thing to note here is that many ballroom dances of the past were, in one way or the other, improved versions of folk dances of that time. Over the years, these boundaries have steadily diminished. How you define ballroom dance also depends a lot on the time you are referring to? Balls in the past have involved some of the most popular dances of today, including Polka, Minuet, Mazurka, Polonaise, Quadrille, and more. Modern ballroom dancing has been around for about a century, and it involves a set of dances that feature new music styles and allow independent movement of couples. Modern ballroom dance also emerged to cater to the need of creating dances that could easily be learned by joining ballroom dance classes like Ceroc.

Ceroc makes ballroom dancing fun whether you are a beginners or an expert. If you are looking for “ballroom dancing classes near you”, Ceroc could just be the right fit. It is for people with different needs and skill level, you just need to come and be a part of our dance classes anytime. No need to book, turn up on your own, join us on any week!