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Learn to dance in your own home!

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Instructional DVDs



The perfect starter kit for any dancer, and the best way to consolidate your knowledge at home. Learn the 12 Basic moves and 8 set routines - the very same routines that you will be learning in your Ceroc venues. 

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Classic DVD

The Intermediate lesson can be daunting for the first time, but with these 24 essential building blocks under your belt, you will find the material easier to digest. Simple Intermediate level moves that lay the foundations for harder variations. 

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Intermediate DVD

Happy with the Beginners moves and looking to expand your repertoire? We all enjoy discovering new moves. This DVD is a step up from your ‘Classic’ moves and will offer something for new Intermediates and seasoned dancers alike. 

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Hot New Moves Vol 1 & 2

New Moves DVD

The freshest moves to be added into the Intermediate syllabus are now brought together on a series of DVDs.  If you want to know what's hot on the dance floor, then look no further! These easy to follow DVDs break each move down and then provides a range of top technical tips to help you lead and follow the move with confidence and style. 

Product Codes 46 and 47
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Ladies styling

Ladies Styling DVD

For the first time ever, 5 of the most stylish dancers have come together to create a compendium of 80 influential style points. Whether you're a Beginner or an Advanced dancer there will be styling in this double disc DVD that you can incorporate into your dancing straight away. 

Product Code 41
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Escape and Champs

Escape DVDs

ESCAPE: Workshops, Cabarets, performances and freestyle. The perfect memory from your Escape weekend experience, and the best resource for learning all those tricky to remember lessons. 

CHAMPS: Heats, Finals and that all important prize giving. Reflect on another incredible London Champs, analyse your performance and marvel at the professionals.  

CHAMPS DVDS: £20 /£40
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A ground-breaking new dance syllabus dedicated to a range of slow-tempo, contemporary music. 3 levels to suit 3 different learning abilities:

  1. Establish fundamental skills in order to dance to a vast catalogue of smooth and down-tempo music
  2. Progress your move repertoire to add depth and variation into your freestyle, enhancing your base technique
  3. Develop your interpretation of musicality, innovate your own choreography and take ownership of your style
Product Codes 36, 37 and 38

Buy all 3 SILC DVDs for £30 only via this link

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Blues DVD

Ceroc Blues DVDs will introduce you to the smooth style of Blues Dancing. 3 different DVDs to suit different experience levels and to help you progress your learning. Hosted and presented by the King and Queen of Blues, Val and David Rokov.

Product Codes 27, 28 and 29
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Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

100% Heavy Cotton, pre-curved peak, seamless, centralised front panel, stitched ventilation eyelets

Product Code 21
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Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag

Water-resistant nylon bag. Drawstring carry handles on each side. Zip pocket on front.

Product Code 22
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Black heavy duty fleece. Fully lined polyester with double zip. Black polyester trim cuffs, zip pockets and collar with drawcord.

Product Codes 7, 8 and 9
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LadIEs Tee

Lady's Tee

Black 96% cotton and 4% lycra. Ladies V-neck T-shirt designed for a more tailored fit.

Product Codes 1, 2, 3 and 4
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Men's Tee

Men's Tee

Black 100% cotton T-shirts with Ceroc logo. High V-neck with close cut sleeves and side vents for easy movement and style.

Product Codes 5 and 6
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Lady's Halterneck (LONG)

Lady's Halterneck Long

Lycra mix. Machine Washable 30º. Ties at neck and back for perfect fit. Elasticated bra seams for support. Available in Black and White.

Product Codes 10, 11, 12 and 13
Buy sizes S-M or M-L in Black or White now for £28.99


Ladys' Halterneck (Short)

Lady's Halterneck Short

Lycra mix. Machine Washable 30º. Scarf tie neck and back. Internal bra shelf for support. Garment hangs at waist level to reveal midriff. Available in Black and White.

Product Codes 14, 15 and 16
Buy sizes S-M or M-L in Black or White now for £28.99


Lady's Gathered Tee

Gathered Tee

Lycra mix. Machine Washable 30º. Gathers on both sides to alter length if desired. 
Available in Black and White.

Product Codes 17, 18, 19 and 20
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