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Classics DVD

The Intermediate lesson can be dauting ON YOUR first ATTEMPT, but with these 24 essential building blocks under your belt, you will find the matErial easier to digest.

Classics DVD



The ‘Classic’ moves are the foundation to your dancing. Once you have mastered these 24 moves, you will have a strong grasp of the key techniques of our dance. By learning these moves at your own pace, not only will you find the Intermediate class much easier to digest, but you are also guaranteed to recognise at least one move per week; EVERY Intermediate class features a classic move! Looking great on the dance floor is not as tricky as you first thought. 

  • An abundance of top tips for leads and follows. Perfect the move and dance it with style.
  • Music and visual aids to help you understand the rhythm and timing. 
  • Never feel lost in the Intermediate class again, and recognise at least one move per week. 
  • Take your time, learn the moves one by one, and become a master of the Ceroc Classic syllabus.
  • Never feel left behind...just start the video again!

Are classic moves the right moves for me?

If you feel confident with the Beginner syllabus, then this is the next step up. The moves are all an easy Intermediate level and designed for people who have just moved up to the Intermediate lesson. 

These moves are not only for early starters though. Many people who have been dancing a long time still struggle to pick up moves in the Intermediate lesson. The Classic moves are the foundations to harder moves, so once you have learned these 24, you will find it so much easier to tackle the more complex challenges in your Intermediate lesson.  


With this DVD, you learn: 

Basket and Basket Winder
DH Return Shoulder Turnout
Basic Changing Places


Pretzel, Almost Pretzel and Open Pretzel
Neckbreak and Closed Neckbreak
Left Handed Eight
Inside First, High First Block and High First Mambo
Travelling Block Turn


Sway and Sway Spinout
Shouldersway Switch
Catapult and Catapult Turnout
Yoyo and Double Handed Yoyo
Right Handed Caress
Accordion Cleaver


T's and C's

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