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Dance Your Way To Good Mental Health

It is common knowledge that when you dance to the rhythm of good music, you feel a sense of happiness taking over you. The positive effects of dancing on physical health are well known, but does it improve our mental health as well? As the importance ascribed to mental health is growing every day, so is the research into ways to achieve mental well being. There is a lot of evidence that suggests that dancing helps reduce symptoms of various mental health issues.
Let us go through some of the situations in which dance can be the best form of therapy:

1. To treat depression

According to a study by The Arts in Psychotherapy, dancing releases large amounts of mood enhancing chemicals into our brains. These chemicals help reduce symptoms of depression. It was seen that patients who were hospitalized for depression experienced an elevated mental state when they engaged in recreational dance.

2. To reduce stress and anxiety

Dance forms like hip hop and freestyle are excellent mediums to boost energy and also reduce stress and anxiety. A study done in 2007 found that these dance forms contributed to decreased levels of stress, which were similar to what people experienced when they participated in aerobic exercises. Moreover, being able to let go of inhibitions and dance in front of an audience of complete strangers can be beneficial for those suffering from social anxiety.

3. To express human emotions

Some people suffering from mental health issues often find it difficult to communicate with others or express themselves. Dancing becomes their artistic portal using which they can comfortably express their thoughts and emotions. The body is used as a medium through which their feelings are communicated. Dance can also help break down the invisible walls that one builds to shield themselves from the rest of the world.
Dance is one of the many therapeutic ways to achieve good mental health and well being. Join us at Ceroc for our wide range of dance lessons or our fun freestyle dance weekends. Experience the very best that dance has to offer while you break a leg on the floor.