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Dance Lab - Musicality

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Dance Lab - Musicality

Event description

Dance Lab is a fixed partner workshop designed to take your dancing to the next level. Each workshop will spend 90 minutes focussing on a particular skill or technique aimed at improving your overall dance ability and style.
In this workshop, we will look at how to MUSICALITY.
Deep dive into how the music we all dance to is created. Learn how to anticipate changes in music so you can plan to hit the breaks or be ready for a change. Learn how to ensure you can hit any break, even if you are midway through a move!
The next 90 minutes is all about you and your partner. We understand that it's hard to train or practice your dancing on the freestyle floor, especially when you want to nail that move that just isn't working for some reason. So, in this session, we supply the music and the space to work on whatever you want with your partner, whether it's a new move idea, styling or perfecting those one-legged spins, it's your time to work on whatever you like.

Event summary

Elevate your dancing with this BRAND-NEW concept of workshop.

Event timing and prices

12pm til 3pm
£25 per person
Fixed Couples only

Dance Labs are FIXED PARTNER workshops, meaning that you must book with a partner you will dance with for the majority of the workshop.

Dance Labs are ideal for experienced dancers who have been dancing for at least a year and feel confident on the freestyle floor.

Spaces are extremely limited so booking on early is advised.

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Travel & Parking information

ioN Unit One Waldo Works, Waldo Road, London, NW10 6AW

Kensal Green (Bakerloo & Overground) - 9 minute walk
Willesden Junction (Bakerloo & Overground) - 12 minute walk
Kensal Rise (Overground) - 16 minute walk

18 - Victor Road (U) or Wrottesley Road (R)
220 and 187

This venue is outside of the Congestion Charge zone but it is inside the newly expanded ULEZ zone.

Some public street parking is available outside and nearby. Public roads in this area have no restrictions on a Sunday but always check local signage to confirm.

Do not park in the private residential spaces in the building next door.

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