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SILC Sunday

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SILC Sunday

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What is SILC?
SILC is a smooth, musicality focussed partner dance syllabus that compliments a slower tempo of music such as Blues, Soul, Funk, Contemporary R&B, Acoustic, lyrical, Latin and Folk. SILC is usually danced in 2nd rooms and chill-out zones or at events where the music twists to a slower tempo, such as the local favourite Bristol switch freestyle and of course in the SILC room at national Ceroc weekenders.

SILC Workshop 1pm-3pm
This SILC Foundation/Progressive workshop will focus on 3 key SILC concepts allowing the lead and follow to adapt their connection for slower music. This workshop is perfect for Ceroc dancers looking to improve their connection, technique and ability to dance to slower music. A partner is not required to attend, as dancers will be rotated like a normal class.

*** Workshop attendance is subject to booking and payment in advance. You can book the workshop at any Strictly Ceroc venue, alternatively you can contact Caine Langford on 07926028534 or caine

Booking options:

Pay On The Door

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Nibley Road, Bristol, BS11 9XW

Event summary

SILC Sunday Workshop and Tea Dance

Event timing and prices

SILC Workshop 1-3pm
SILC Freestyle/Tea Dance 3pm-7pm

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Travel & Parking information

Large Free Car Park at the Venue

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