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Dance In Your Pants - Who We Are

Date: 17th March 2020
Categories: Dance

Dance In your pants...

...are a group of Dance Teachers from Ceroc who have joined forces to provide online content for people to learn from home during this period of isolation and uncertainty. 

Primarily, we want to keep you safe, sane, fit and healthy over the coming months. 

If however you enjoy any of this posted content, feel free to contact your local dance operator, Ceroc or otherwise, and find out how you can send them some money. Dance businesses will suffer over the coming months, and your donations, no matter how small, could help keep operators afloat. 

This donation is purely optional, and we hope you enjoy these videos online regardless. 

If you wish to give to your local Ceroc class, please do so at www.ceroc.com/fund where 100% of funds raised will be split amongst out 45 small business operators.

Thank you in advance. Help us keep dance alive, make sure you keep smiling through the dark months ahead, and we can't wait to open our venues for you once more. 

Timbo x

Dance In Your Pants - Who We Are

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