For 28 years, we have made learning to dance fun, easy and relaxed with hundreds of classes across the globe.
Our stylish dance is a fusion of Salsa, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Tango and Jive. We make learning to dance fun, easy and relaxed.
No courses, No need to book,
Beginners every week, Come on your own!
A full day of freestyle and competition. Bringing together some of the best dancers from across the Globe for many hours of dance, competition, laughs & entertainment. More info and bookings.

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Sun, Sand, Sea and Ceroc! The Ceroc Mediterranean Festival takes the nationwide Ceroc community to Calpe, Spain for a non-stop dance explosion in the sun offering you fantastic, high energy workshops and unforgettable parties at night. There will be competitions, great dance shows, pool parties and more. Click here for more info.