This instructional DVD will teach you 45 new moves that have been added to the Ceroc teaching syllabus. Our dance takes it inspiration from the vast spectrum of other dance forms. What’s also really exciting about learning to dance with Ceroc is that we don’t stand still, and the dance is constantly evolving. This DVD is easy to follow and it includes a demo and slow teach for all the 49 new moves. These moves are really only suitable for people that are comfortable with the Intermediate classes. The moves are a mix of easy, medium and hard Intermediate moves.

  • CEROC ® New Moves Vol 1 DVD£14.99 Order Now : Item No. 46 This is the latest addition to our DVD range.
  • Global We have taken the most new and exciting moves across the globe and put them together in one easy to navigate DVD.
  • Hot Hot Hot! There are 45 new moves that will inspire and impress.
  • Suits You Sir! These moves are only suitable for people that are comfortable with the Intermediate classes.

With this DVD, you learn:

Smooth Moves
Basket Pull Round the Back
Closed Neckbreak Anti Clockwise
Lady’s Nelson Sway
Left Handed Armroll Walkaround
Shoulder Basket Turn Out
Shoulder Sway Comb Almost Pretzel
Shoulder Sway Comb Step Under
Teapot Basket
Nelson Pretzel Walkaround and Back

Dynamic Leads
Man’s Hook Turn
Basket Man’s Pivot
Cross Handed Armroll (Bottle Opener)
DHR Man’s Turn First Move
Man’s Duck Tuck Spin
Travelling Half Nelson Shoulder Caress
Cross Handed Block Turn Duck Bounce
Arm Lock Turn Out

Pretzel Caress
Secret Bow Tie Cleaver
The Rocks
New Yorkers
Close Hold Walkaround Lazy Lady
Neckbreak Illusion

Sway LH turn Out Stop and Go
Sway Sling Shot
Travelling Shoulder Sway Spin Out
Whip Spin Out
First Move Walk Through Backpass Hookspin
Slotted Basket

Counter Balances/Leans
Armroll Sit Swing
First Move Elbow Lean (Lean Optional)
Shoulder Seducer
Sway Blocks
Comb Forward Lean
Sway Back Lean
Wurlitzer Lean

First Move West Coast
Secret Syncopated Slide
Double Handed Caress Half Mambo

Secret Arm Trap
Wurlitzer Lean Cat Sit
Accordion Lever Turn
First Move Turn and Slide
Secret Shoulderlock Duck