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WCS Masterclasses at Ceroc BLUSH 2020

WCS Masterclasses

Steve & Kate have been dancing WCS for over 10 years and are considered to be one of the top WCS teaching couples in the UK. They are both active competitors in WCS with multiple achievements to their name and they continue to compete all over the world in social dance competitions. Over the last couple of years, they have been developing their dancing using routines choreographed by Jordan & Tatiana and they are now team directors of the London JT Swing Team. Although not full-time WCS professionals, they travel across Europe judging competitions and teaching workshops. Steve and Kate are known for their relaxed, technical teaching style where Kate often has to suffer Steve’s ‘dry’ sense of humour!

West Coast Swing Masterclasses

  1. Use the online registration form (link below) to request places for Masterclasses.
  2. We will email everyone in batches to confirm places. We'll update this page when that has started but this might be from January 2020.
  3. £10 per WCS Masterclass or £40 for all 6.
  4. Payment for Masterclasses is in cash at the beginning of the event to the Ceroc Weather Desk.
  5. A BLUSH 2020 weekender ticket is also required - click here for info and to book online.
  6. Places for solo females are likely to go on hold very quickly. Booking as a couple and/or encouraging others to book will help release more spaces.

Please enquire on site at the weather desk - CLICK HERE FOR THE WCS MASTERCLASSES REGISTRATION FORM

FRI 28 FEB 2020

Friday WCS - all in the HURRICANE

  • Masterclass 1    21:00-22:00 WCS TUNE UP  (Improvers)

SAT 29 FEB 2020

Saturday WCS - all in the HURRICANE

  • Masterclass 2    12:00-13:00 WHIP VARIATIONS  (Intermediate)
  • Masterclass 3    15:00-16:00 TURN TECHNIQUE (Intermediate)
  • Masterclass 4    19:30-20:30 FOOTWORK RHYTHM-WORK  (Intermediate Plus)

SUN 01 MAR 2020

Sunday WCS - all in the HURRICANE

  • Masterclass 5    12:00-13:00 CREATING CONTENT (Advanced)
  • Masterclass 6    14:00-15:00 ATTACHING TO THE MUSIC (Advanced)