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Ceroc Pride - Terms & Conditions

SECURITY - Each booking enables individual households to view and enjoy one live Zoom event at any one time. Admission to rooms will be granted by a unique code and handled by our room administrators. Sharing of this code could result in both individuals being removed and banned from the event without refund.

  1. COPYRIGHT - All live class content is the property of Ceroc Enterprises Ltd 2020. Recording of classes is strictly forbidden. 
  2. BOOKING - All bookings are non refundable.
  3. SCHEDULE - The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the organisers.
  4. HEALTH & SAFETY - It is impossible for teachers to observe personal videos, and therefore individual tuition and assessment of safe dance practice is not viable. By taking part, participants agree to be of a suitable level of fitness and ability for each lesson, and they do so at their own risk. Ceroc Enterprises Ltd can not be held responsible to any injury to individuals or damage to property.