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Ceroc Dance Blog Competition 2018

Write your own Dance Blog entry under the heading "My Ceroc Journey" for a chance to win £500!

Dance Blog Competition

Ceroc is a spectacular phenomenon…we are so much more than just a dance class! Here in the Dance Department, we love hearing stories about how Ceroc has transformed people’s lives, and want to invite you to feature on our ceroc.com blog page by sharing your story. If yours is our favourite, there’s a tasty £500 cash at stake too!

All you need to do is write about your dance experience since starting Ceroc.

  • Maybe you have learned a new skill which has impressed your friends?
  • Maybe learning to dance with Ceroc has helped your educational ambitions?
  • Maybe you have developed from an awkward dance floor shuffler to a competition winner?
  • Maybe you have met your significant other, your husband or wife, or even created Ceroc babies together?
  • Maybe you have overcome nerves or anxiety and discovered a new found confidence?
  • Maybe Ceroc has inspired you to make a career out of dance?
  • Maybe you have lost weight, gained strength, built up your fitness and are proud of the new you?

Whatever your motivations for dancing with Ceroc, and whatever journey you have been on, we would love to hear about it.

I look forward to reading your creativity and emotion, and thank you in advance for sharing. 

Dancing love,

Tim Sant-Turner
Head of Dance


Taking part is easy...

  • If you want any help with writing your blog, or some ideas as to how to format your story, take a look at some of our other Ceroc Blog entries here
  • Send your blog (between 250 and 2000 words) to ceroc7@ceroc.com
  • Attach between 1 and 5 recent photos of you, preferably in dancing action, or amongst your dancing friends.
  • If you would like any help writing your blog, please download our Blog Dos and Don'ts Guidelines here.
  • All entries must be received by 1st January 2019, and the winner will be announced by the end of the month. 

Terms & Conditions

Read our Ts 'n' Cs...and off you go!

  • Teachers, crew and members alike can all participate in this competition.
  • There is no age limit to enter this competition. Entrants under 18 will need permission from a legal guardian who is 18 or over in order to submit their blog. In the event of an under 18 winner, the prize money will be presented to the legal guardian. 
  • Our favourite story will be selected by a panel of senior Ceroc teachers and will win £500 cash. The cash prize money will be presented during the cabaret hour at an Escape weekender, for which the winner will receive a free entry for themselves and a friend. 
  • The winner will be selected from the entries received in accordance with these terms and conditions, and based on the following criteria: originality, creativity, relevance to theme and engagement. 
  • Our top 10 blogs will be featured on our blog page. All entrants grant Ceroc Enterprises Ltd a non-exclusive licence to publish their entry, in whole or in part, on the Company’s website and social media sites indefinitely. 
  • All entries need to be received by 1st January 2019. Any entries received after this date may not be considered for the prize money. 
  • Blogs can be written by individuals or groups, however groups must nominate a group leader who will be presented with the prize money.
  • Nothing in your entry can be defamatory, private or an infringement of copyright or other intellectual property right or in any way a breach of another’s rights. You must have permission from individuals if you wish to feature their name in your blog. Only forenames will be published. Any entry in breach of this clause will be disqualified from participating in and winning the competition. 
  • The email addresses of entrants will only be used for the purpose of contacting the winner and administering the competition. It will not be possible for the Company to contact unsuccessful entrants, give advice or feedback on unsuccessful entries or to enter into correspondence. 
  • By entering the competition you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 
  • Good luck...and happy writing!