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Escape Crew Info

Teachers and DJs

Congratulations for your invitation to crew at our forthcoming event!

Please forward any queries regarding the following to tim@ceroc.com at your earliest convenience to allow plenty of preparation time, and a smooth running weekend. 

We will all notice big changes to our events since moving to new sites. As such, please be flexible and understanding for our first couple of events whilst we find our feet

Important Bits For Everyone:

  • When you receive the schedule, check all columns thoroughly to ensure you do not miss any shifts.
  • In the interests of safety and time, we cannot have any crew on-site before 3pm on Friday unless you are part of set-up crew or have pre-arranged early entry with Tim Sant.
  • You will not be able to collect your key or get into your apartment earlier than 5pm. Teachers - please can you also communicate this to your demonstrators.
  • Due to space availability, crew are expected to share in single hotel rooms of up to 4 people. Please speak with tim@ceroc.com if you are not happy with this arrangement. Upgrades can be agreed at a fee.
  • Bed linen, towels and electricity is now included for all. 
  • Dining will be half board, times detailed on each unique event website. You can bring your own food and drink, but these must not be consumed in public areas of the hotel.
  • Please send your invoice to ali@ceroc.com prior to the event. 

CREW Contact

Please save the following numbers into your phone for emergency use at the event.

  • Tim Sant: Director - 07818 506291 (Enquiries re lessons, DJ sets, schedule, activity related queries)
  • Gaynor Crocombe: Weather Desk Manager - 07929 968624
  • Myles Woodhouse: Duty Manager - 07770 578279 (First aid, health and safety, security, technical faults)
  • Duty Managers can also be contacted via the Weather Desk during opening hours. 

Car Parking 

  • Car parking is plentiful at Pakefield sites, so simply turn up and park where you like. 
  • At Folkestone, all teachers and DJs will need to complete the crew car park form at least 7 days prior to the event. This will need to be done for each event.
  • Teachers, please communicate with your demonstrators that free parking is not provided for them at Folkestone. They can either arrange their own parking, or reserve a place onsite for £30 and pay at the event by emailing tim@ceroc.com
  • At all of our weekenders, we encourage car sharing where possible to alleviate congestion and aid a greener event.

See below for further details pertaining to your specific role.

Escape Teachers

Important bits for Teachers on stage:

  • Please watch this important video concerning EQ checking your mics before you teach. There are many not doing this and they are completely inaudible when teaching. 
  • Please do not wear black clothes when teaching on stage. It affects visibility on the big screens. Please also communicate this with your Demonstrators. 
  • Class length is now 50 minutes max, with 10 minutes for practice music.
  • Arrive on the stage 10 mins before your teaching slot is about to commence, and be prepared to play music for 10 minutes after your lesson concludes to allow people to practice.
  • Take your own music with you for the class and be prepared to DJ for yourself.
  • Do not bring your own Head Mics.
  • Keep drinks off the DJ tables, and place on the stage instead.
  • No teachers are permitted to teach aerials (baby or major) of any form, nor are they permitted to teach any dip or drop where the follow is not in full control of their own balance and stability, unless they have written permission from Tim Sant. If there is any question regarding whether your move content is eligible, please email a video to tim@ceroc.com  prior to the event. 
  • If you wish to teach private lessons please make sure you announce your availability during your lesson. Space is limited at most events, so it will most likely need to be hosted in a public dance room which is not being used. All chalets are now carpeted. 

Important bits for Teachers filming FOR THE HUB:

  • The filming schedule will be sent before the event. We cannot action changes after this stage.
  • You will need to bring your music on memory stick and make sure you are prepared with your classes BEFORE turning up to the studio. We run a very tight schedule and there is no time for rehearsals.
  • Please look presentable! Tracksuit bottoms and un-ironed clothes make you look like you can't be arsed, and anything too baggy hides your movement. The HUB needs to be professional so no goofing around.
  • Make sure music selected for the DVD is a minimum of 115bpm for your demonstrations, UNLESS teaching Blues, Tango, Specialist (non-Ceroc) classes. Teachers should aim for recognisable tracks.  
  • Remember to brief your demonstrator on the etiquette – smart appearance, smiley, well rehearsed.
  • Everybody must do a demonstration to music for the start of their clips. Even if you are doing a technique based class, please show a couple of moves, even if they don’t link together. The majority of people like watching the dance content and won’t listen to you talking.
  • Always watch this demonstration back before deciding it’s okay – if it is anything short of slick and awesome, do it again!
  • Format – Demo, Intro (including the name of the class, and yourselves), brief walk through.
  • The full demo and teach of each individual class should take no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Please advertise the HUB after each of your classes.

 Important bits for Teachers AND MADCAB:

  • We are no longer operating Power Hour in the evenings, but instead asking that you spend some time in specific dance rooms at specific key times with MadCab. This schedule will be circulated prior to the event.
  • Circulate around the whole room. The aim is for everyone to see a teacher presence, even if they don't manage to grab you for a dance. Aim to do a full circumference within the hour!
  • Please don't dance exclusively with your friends; this is an opportunity for those who never get to dance with you. It is your responsibility to communicate this with your demonstrator and ensure that they participate with the campaign too. 
  • We thank you in advance for your co-operation with this campaign. We view freestyling with members as an essential part of the teachers' role, just as (if not more) important than the lessons themselves. In essence, we are asking you to freestyle for 3 hours across the entire weekend, therefore this should not affect your personal time or free choice across the event. 

Escape DJs

Important bits for All DJs:

  • DJs, new and long-standing, please watch this video about setting up your equipment and cueing your first track.
  • Arrive at the decks well in advance of your set to get a feel for the room and avoid repeating previously played tracks. Aim for 1 hour.
  • You must play from laptop or tablet. Put a reserve playlist on your phone/an MP3 player in case of failures. CDs will no longer be used.
  • Please do not adjust the volume of any speakers. Call a duty manager if you feel something is wrong with the volume/balance.
  • Do not remove, swap or tamper with any cables that are already provided with the decks, as this will affect the next DJ. 
  • Please don’t place your drinks on the tables near DJ equipment, and remove any drinks that are placed there by members and use the tables provided. Also actively discourage people to place drinks on speakers, and remove drinks off this equipment. It was this oversight that caused a drink spillage and complete power outage at our previous event. 
  • Neither iTunes nor Spotify should not be used for DJing. If you need any help with equipment or software then Jon Gammon can assist with setting up. 

Important bits for Main Room DJs:

  • Please play a mix of music as you would on a regular night to appeal to the majority. We know you can’t please everyone all of the time, but as long as you vary the genre and style every couple of tracks it avoids complaints.
  • There is a music genre sheet on the DJ table. This campaign is compulsory for all Main Room DJs to complete. Sheets are posted by the decks and must be filled in by everyone. It ensures repetitions are kept to a minimum, and used as evidence on the rare occasion we receive complaints about lack of variety.

Important bits for SILC Room DJs:

  • The SILC Room, like the Main Room, should be a mixing pot of genres. We know you can’t please everyone all of the time, but as long as you vary the genre and style every couple of tracks it avoids complaints.
  • Remember that SILC doesn’t only concern contemporary music, so be sure to play some classics and older music as well as your latest finds. Play the full range of tempos from approx 90 to 115 bpm…any tracks faster or slower than this will need adjusting.
  • DJs seem to favour funkier, bassier tracks, so remember to include softer, smoother and more lyrical or acoustic tracks to break up your set. 

Babble Reader

  • Following numerous complaints about loud music, we MUST impose restrictions on volume. This is a legal requirement. Please be aware that when on stage, you are behind the speakers, therefore the music sounds quieter. Also, your ears will adjust to the music, also making it seem quieter. 
  • The Babble Decibel Reader will give you a visual cue as to the volume of your music: When the light shows green, you are at a safe volume. When the light turns yellow, you are on the borderline for the legal volume. When the light turns red, you are over the legal sound limit and you must turn your music down immediately. 
  • The light continuously assesses the sound levels, and therefore you need to stay vigilant with checking that your music is an appropriate volume. If you think the levels are set incorrectly, please contact a Duty Manager. 

Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and graft. We look forward to working with you.

Tim Sant