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Go on...stroke our ego!

We apologise if you have ever sat next to a Ceroc dancer at a dinner party. They tend to talk about us...a lot. 

See why we're the biggest, the best, and why over 50,000 people choose our dance events.

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Nick from Bedford


"I first went to Ceroc as my mates told me it was a great way to meet girls. I haven't met anyone yet, but I'm having so much fun in the meantime! I had never danced before and it's really quite easy."



Di, 60+ ("cheeky for asking"), Yorkshire

"I Started Ceroc 13 years ago and i simply LOVE it. It's kept me younger, fitter, more confident and I've gained dance friends of all ages. Easy to learn. Fun, fantastic, fabulous."



Ryan, 17, Cornwall

"Ceroc has had me captivated for 4 years and won’t ever stop. Now part of the Crew, I get to help everyone enjoy it as much as I always have."



Vicci, 45, newcastle upon tyne

"Ceroc has given me much more than dancing, it has given me lifelong friends, everlasting memories and pure happiness every time I step onto the dance floor, thank you Ceroc."



Clive, 35, Nottingham

"i was always jealous of my parents who used to dance together at parties and weddings, but then i discovered ceroc. now i feel confident asking any girl to dance. i'm looking forward to the day that I can surprise my parents at my wedding (they don't know I can do it yet!!)



Pat, 51, Manchester

"I've always wanted to learn to dance, but after months of trying to persuade my friends to go, i ended up going on my own. i've only been dancing for a few weeks now, but i'm starting to feel confident and i look forward to my lesson all week. it's great exercise, great fun, and i love the fact the people are so friendly."