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Here at Ceroc, it doesnโ€™t take long to learn the lingo. For first timers though, we understand that some of our terms might not make a lot of sense. Hopefully, this little glossary will help you decide whatโ€™s best for you.

Class Nights

Class nights are our most popular events, and where the majority of our first timers start to learn. Type your postcode into the Venue Finder for a list of Class Nights in your area, all of which will offer Beginner lessons for new starters.

Our class nights have between 30 and 250 people of all abilities, all learning in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment.


Those who wish to get better quicker should attend a weekend Workshop. Workshops (also called Cerocshops) are an opportunity to work closely with a teacher in a small group, hone your skills, learn a wide range of different moves and boost your confidence in preparation for your next Class Night.

With fewer people and more time, the group receive hands on help from the teacher, there are frequent question and answer sessions and an abundance of dancing time to really fast-track the learning experience.

With workshops ranging from brand new Beginner level, all the way up to Advanced, it’s just a case of finding the right one to suit you. Why don't you search for one using our Workshop Finder?


This is the most fun you can have midweek! Freestyle is non-stop dancing. Our DJ plays inspiring tracks back to back enabling you to practice your moves and dance with a range of different people. All of our Class Nights conclude with a healthy dose of pure Freestyle time, so you can practice what you have just learned.

We also run weekend Freestyles that are dance nights with no lesson. For this reason, we advise first timers to attend a Class Night before a weekend Freestyle to build their confidence and repertoire. All of your local weekend parties are listed on our Freestyle Finder


Our Beginners get well looked after in Ceroc. Beginner dancers are those who have attended 6 lessons or fewer, and are still in the process of learning our 12 Beginner Moves. Beginners don’t attend the Intermediate class until THEY feel ready, meaning your progression to higher levels is done at your own pace. Nervous about what to expect? Just watch our video and all will be explained.

Lead and Follow

We teach a lead and follow partner dance. Here at Ceroc, we are pretty relaxed about gender stereotypes, but in the most part the men choose to lead and the ladies choose to follow. The leader’s role is to take command of the dance and initiate the movements. The followers role is to read the signals, travel in the right direction and avoid pre-empting or second guessing the move! During any Ceroc class, you will receive tips and advice for both the lead and the follow to ensure that you can both dance the moves confidently.