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What to expect

Nervous? - Don't be!

Use our Classes finder for local details including timings and prices. Most venues are cash only.

All Ceroc classes follow the exact same format. As soon as you get through the door, the teacher will welcome everybody onto the dance floor and you'll all get partnered up.

Beginners Class

The night starts with a Beginners Class lasting 45 minutes. You will learn 3 simple moves that will start to develop your core skills and basic techniques. At the end of the lesson the DJ plays two or three tracks and you can practice and dance the moves you have just learnt with the people that you have met in the class.

We normally recommend that it takes about 6 beginners classes to master the basic moves, acquire key skills and feel comfortable to join in at Intermediate level. Don't feel rushed though, you can step up whenever you want. 

Intermediate Class

The Beginners Class is followed by the more challenging Intermediate class. In this 30 minute session you will learn 3 or 4 harder moves, each of which complimenting a different dance genre, and all designed to develop a specific dance technique or new skill.

Beginners PractiCe Session

Whilst the Intermediate class takes place, Beginners have the opportunity to get together in a group session led by a Taxi Dancer. This smaller session includes a review of the moves you have learnt earlier in the night, the opportunity to repeat the material to build confidence and muscle memory. It also provides a forum for discussion where you can ask questions, solve problems and perfect the various techniques explored throughout the evening.


After the Intermediate class and Practice Session conclude, your night takes off when the Ceroc DJ takes control for the 'Freestyle Session'. This is a 1 - 2 hour period of pure uninterrupted Ceroc music creating a party atmosphere for you to practice and rehearse your new movement repertoire. Grab a drink and enjoy dancing the moves with as many people as you can.

Freestyle is improvised, so it gives you the opportunity to be creative and dance with different partners in the room. Dancing during the Freestyle really gives you chance to improve your Ceroc style and soak up the fun atmosphere... it's addictive education!