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Thank you for your interest in the great deal of 6 beginners classes with Ceroc

For further information in relation to this offer, what will happen after you have purchased the offer and what to expect on the first night please see below.

The Offer

  • IMPORTANT: This offer is available to new customers ONLY. 
  • If you are an existing member of Ceroc or have previously attended Ceroc then you are not eligible for this offer.
  • Please contact Groupon Customer Services on 020 3510 0444 to receive a full refund if you are an existing member and have purchased by mistake.

This offer entitles you to 6 standard regular beginners classes (this excludes weekend social freestyle dances).

The beginner element of a standard Ceroc class consists of the following:

  • 5 minute 'Essentials' warm up session - Basic movements and footwork under instruction.
  • 40 minute Structured Beginners Class - 3 beginners moves taught as a routine.
  • A Short Dance Practice Period - Opportunity to practise to music the moves learnt in the beginners class.
  • 30 minute Practice Session - Go over the moves learnt in the beginners class with more experienced dancers.

(times may vary)

After the classes the night continues with practice time / social dancing for more experienced dancers but your beginners package has concluded and you will be expected to leave. If you would like to stay and enjoy the Freestyle element of the night you may be asked to pay an additional fee.

Voucher must be redeemed and all 6 classes used prior to the original offer 'expiry date'.
After the original offer 'expiry date' the voucher and attendance card are invalid.

Choose your venue

By now you will have viewed the list of available venues and chosen which is most convenient for you.
Please use our CLASSES FINDER for more details such as directions to the venue and make sure there are no temporary closures on the evening you intend to attend!

You may attend any venue irrespective of where you purchased the voucher.

You may attend multiple venues.

What to bring with you for your first night?

  1. Print out your Groupon voucher and bring a copy with you to the venue of your choice. 
  2. There is no need to book, just turn up fill out a membership form and join the class.
  3. If you would like to download and complete a membership form prior to attending then this will save you time at the venue. 
  4. Please click the button below to download a membership form

Ceroc Membership ForM - GROUPON

You can show a copy of the Groupon voucher on your smart phone or device but we still require a record of your 'Groupon Code' and your 'Security Code' in order to redeem the voucher with Groupon so there will always be some paperwork involved!

Upon Arrival on your 1st time

  1. On your first night please arrive 5 -10 minutes before the advertised start of the beginners class so that we have time to process the paperwork before the class starts.
  2. Please have a copy of your Groupon voucher to hand, plus a completed membership form if possible.
  3. If you don't have a completed membership form you will be asked to complete one there and then at the venue.
  4. We need your FULL contact details as we are a membership club and also as a requirement of our Public Liability insurance cover.
  5. You will be issued with an orange Ceroc attendance card and a black Ceroc membership card displaying your unique 6 digit membership number. 
  6. You will be required to complete the Ceroc attendance card with details for validation. You will also be asked to sign the back of the black Ceroc membership card.

Joining the class

Once the paperwork is completed and you have your 2 cards tucked away you are then ready to join the class.
Hopefully there will be enough time to put your coat in the cloakroom, get a drink and find a seat before the teacher calls everyone onto the dance floor to start the class. Everyone lines up on the dance floor and the teacher will start with a short warm up section just to get your blood pumping before the instruction proper commences.

Class Structure

In Ceroc we rotate the lines throughout the classes. This is to ensure that you get used to dancing with different people and don't pick up any bad habits! Also if there is a gender in-balance everyone still get to practise in the class structure.

Listen to the teachers instructions carefully and they will explain where you should be, where you should be going and what you should be doing!!

In the class you will be taught 3 basic moves from the beginners syllabus that will be put into a routine that can be danced continuously. As stated you will be rotated around the class continually so you are always on the move. After the class there will be the opportunity to practise to music the moves you have learnt in the class as the DJ plays a few tunes, or you can take a break, get a drink or just socialise. We call this the 'beginners social freestyle' section. After the beginners freestyle you will be invited to join the 'beginners practise session' where more experienced dancers will assist you while you practise the moves in the routine you were taught in the beginners class working on muscle memory and dealing with any problems.

After the practise session your beginners Ceroc experience is complete and you are free to leave and prepare for your next attendance.

What to wear

No special clothes or shoes are required for Ceroc but they should be suitable for social partner dancing. Please remember that doing Ceroc is exercise and you will become warm during the class. We recommend that you wear layers so that as you warm up you can take a layer off! You are expected to be able to spin on a wooden floor so please wear appropriate footwear. Leather soles are recommended but anything that allows you to slide on a wooden floor are suitable. For ladies we recommend a small heel and leather sole. Footwear with a grippy soles are not recommended as these can cause damage to your joints.

Your 2nd and subsequent visits

We hope you enjoy your first class and are eager to return and learn more moves. You need to bring your orange Ceroc attendance card and your black Ceroc membership card with you every time you attend Ceroc.
Your orange Ceroc attendance card will be marked each time you attend and on the 6th attendance the card will be taken in by the door person. After you have used up your 6 Beginner Package attendances you will pay the normal door price. Your black Ceroc membership card will be swiped at the front desk to record your attendance on the venue database each time you attend.

Terms & Conditions of the Offer

New customers only.
Includes Lifetime membership to Ceroc and 6 beginners classes.
Valid for the beginners element of the night only.
Does not include intermediate freestyle element of the night.
Not valid for weekend freestyle events, workshops or special events.
Valid at all participating venues.
Venues are occasionally closed. Always check website prior to travel.
Attendance card may be used at multiple venues.
Voucher must be redeemed and all 6 classes used prior to the original offer 'expiry date'.
After the original offer 'expiry date' the voucher and attendance card are invalid.
No cancellation policy.
Lost cards will not be replaced.
Cards have no monetary value.
Attendance cards are non transferable.
Adult dance classes - 16 years or over.
Under 18 years must be accompanied by a guardian.
Timetable varies according to location.
Ceroc membership forms are to be completed in full.
Ceroc membership 'Terms & Conditions' apply.