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What dancing has done for me - Chris Quinn

Author: Chris Quinn
Date: 17th September 2021
Categories: Dance

Affectionately known as 'The Dancing Machine;, Chris has been dancing for 10 years and is a very large personality within the Ceroc dance community. Read his story about how he started to where he is now!

In September 2007 I first discovered Ceroc dancing when I was 18. I found this out from a family member as they went as well, as I liked dancing I thought I would give it a go. I have been attending ever since.

A little about myself is I have worked for the NHS since January 2010 and I am currently a Medical Secretary, so I work for the consultants in Acute Medicine team.

I first attended Ceroc Rochester in Kent on Monday nights in 2011, as the venue is nearest to me to this day. This is always the best start to a working week.

I tend to attend one class a week and attend the weekend freestyles but since I love dancing sometimes the class attendances may be more. I have attended many freestyles around Kent, London, Essex and Surrey.
In late 2011 I have discovered the Ceroc Escape weekenders and my very first one was Bliss at Camber Sands. I had no idea what to expect but fortunately my former partner had been to the weekenders before, I had plenty of guidance to break myself in gently and not peak too soon.

In 2014 I first competed for the national Ceroc Championship. On my debut I was in the Team Caberet and achieved a bronze medal. In 2017 I competed for the Ceroc X and I have also achieved my 2nd national final and achieved 5th place. In a few Great Escapee competitions at the Ceroc weekenders I have also got to 3 finals with 3 different ladies.

I have attended more national Ceroc Escape events at Southport, Brean Sands, Great Yarmouth and Medfest in Spain. One of my favourite memories in which nobody knew we could dance there. I have experienced dancing in the i360 in Brighton, Cutty Sark in Greenwich and the Indigo O2 Arena in London.

Over the years I have made so many friends along my journey. Even during lockdowns I found a solution to keep in touch, make new friends and log into to the virtual freestyle events on Zoom.

During the times on Zoom at home I even took up DJing as well with other DJs in special events and eventually I have hosted my own unofficial events for 8 weeks in June and July 2021.

Now I have recently returned dancing again I never felt so enthusiastic in all my life on my first attendance since 16 months of no travelling to a venue and I really have missed it so much. Returning to dance events in which I love the most had made me feel extremely happy and I hope long that continues as I have a number of future events booked into my diary.

Chris Quinn

Chris Quinn

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