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How do you feel?

Author: Lyndsey Bennett
Date: 9th July 2020
Categories: Dance

We asked dancers to describe in one word how they 'feel' when they dance Ceroc. Check out the results!

I have just spent 2 hours of my life that I will never get back again, logging the answers to the Facebook question ‘use one word to describe how you feel when you dance Ceroc’. It would have been easy to simply use the answers on the Ceroc Official page post, but with over 30 shares, I couldn’t neglect the answers from the wider dance community.

Was it worth it? Hell yeah!

In total I recorded 579 answers! Of course I cannot vouch for duplicates where dancers replied to both the official post and other reposts, but wow what a response!

So, how many words did Ceroc dancers use to describe how they feel when they dance? A gob smacking 123 to be precise, with nearly 140 when you add in word variations!

The top ten words used were:

Top Ten Words

There were a handful of made up words also used, including ‘Dancegasm’ and my favorite ‘Exhiliahappyated’!

It was evident from the results that there were a number of strong themes. For instance, there seemed to be a strong sway towards the notion that dancing is used by many as a form of escapism, with words such as ‘free’, ‘transported’, ‘carefree’, ‘uninhibited’ and ‘transcended’ among many others suggesting that Ceroc isn’t just about learning and executing moves.


In addition, there seemed to be a correlation between Ceroc and pleasure, indeed I would go so far to say good sex, words such as ‘orgasmic’, ‘passionate’, ‘sexy’, ‘dancegasm’ and arguably the best word in the world…’moist’! ;)

Then another group of descriptions strongly point to an uncontrollable intoxicating feeling that is felt when dancing; ‘dizzy’, ‘euphoric’, ‘lost’ and ‘emotional’ – I know for me the right music, atmosphere and partner can give me a high that alcohol and drugs could never match!

Also, I was amazed at how many people were suggesting that they are fortunate to have Ceroc in their lives, people referred to their feelings as ‘blessed’, ‘thankful’, ‘lucky’ and ‘grateful’. I think most of us can agree that the world would be a different place if Ceroc wasn’t in our lives!


And was there any negativity in the poll, well of course! We are all at different stages in our dance journey and it takes a while to get to the dizzy, orgasmic heights of dance pleasure! ‘Clumsy’, ‘Awkward’, ‘Sweaty’ and ‘Pain’ were the less positive words used, but hey, the first two I can remember well from when I started, in addition I sweat on a regular basis and have suffered pain with injuries, accidents and the next day aches from just being my age!

But age is just a number! I have a video of my daughter (who was 16 at the time) dancing Ceroc with Fred who is a sprightly 88, so with 7 people describing that they feel ‘young’ in this poll is certainly something that is true for many…until the next morning of course!

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this small piece of research, I now have a number of incredible adjectives I can use when describing Ceroc to the outside world!


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