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Blues/Tango Fusion Workshop with Marc & Rachel

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Blues/Tango Fusion Workshop with Marc & Rachel

Event description

In this unique fusion dance workshop, you'll explore the rich and emotive movements of blues dancing and the dramatic flair of Argentine tango, seamlessly blended to create a dance experience like no other.
Marc & Rachel will guide you through the intricate steps, techniques, and styling that define both blues and tango while also introducing you to the magical synergy of their fusion.
What to Expect:
Sensual Connection: Discover the intimacy and connection that blues and tango are renowned for. Learn how to communicate through dance, expressing your emotions, desires, and stories with your partner.
Expressive Footwork: Master the art of graceful footwork in tango, then infuse it with the fluidity and improvisation of blues dancing. Feel the freedom to interpret the music and your partner's movements in your own unique way.
Musicality: Dive into the world of rhythm and melody as you dance to the soulful sounds of blues and the passionate tunes of tango.

Event summary

Stand out on the dancefloor with a new Blues & Tango techniques & movement

Event timing and prices

16:00 - 18:30

£25 pp

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07983 703166

Travel & Parking information

Perton Community Centre
7-9 Anders Square, WV6 7QH Wolverhampton

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