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Connection and Musicality Workshop (Intermediate). 17:00

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Connection and Musicality Workshop (Intermediate). 17:00

Event description

In this workshop we will help you to transform your dancing through expressive movement and a more naturally connected flow.
You will learn tools to help you understand how to identify key musical 'tags' and use these to bring simple but effective elements of musicality into your dance. We will make use of stillness and movement, acceleration and deceleration, movement shaping, weight transfer, exaggeration and minimization to help you stylise your dance to a variety of music. We also introduce some lead / follow communication techniques to enable your musicality to occur in partnership rather than in opposition.
So why not come along and join us in this fun and uplifting journey to a more creative, expressive and musical dance experience.
You can practice your new techniques & dance skills at Nantwich Civic Hall after.

Event summary

Transform your dancing through expressive movement, a more naturally connected flow & musicality.

Event timing and prices

17:00 - 19:30

Β£25 per person
Β£45 per couple

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Travel & Parking information

Nantwich Civic Hall has a very large car park with over 300+ spaces

The car park is accessed from Beam Street.

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