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Find My Dance Mojo - Intermediate Workshop

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Find My Dance Mojo - Intermediate Workshop

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Our dance journey has highs and lows. We sometimes fall in and out of love with dance. In this workshop we examine what to do when we misplace our dance mojo. Where to look for it and how to get it back.

We will introduce basic Ceroc moves and then deconstruct and merge these with extra styling, timing, conversational break points for both lead and follow. This creates so many variables for dancers to play with. By the end of the workshop you will have moved from leading move A, move B, move C to a true conversational connected dance style.

We will also explore individual dance preferences and examine sources of inspiration including music, venues and partners.

Gender balanced

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Intermediate workshop with Leila Nightingale

Event timing and prices

24 October 2021, 4.00pm to 7.00pm
Contact david@cerocevoke.co.uk to book a space

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Travel & Parking information

Plenty of parking at the venue
Please bring your own soft drinks and snacks.

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