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Musicality with Veronika Oliver

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Musicality with Veronika Oliver

Event description

If you are looking to improve your dancing by listening to the music on a deeper level so that your dancing mimics what you hear, or want to know the secret to predicting songs so you can dance to them like you have known it for years or simply want to push yourself to the next level and be more in sinc with your partner....then this workshop is for you!
This course is designed to teach you essential concepts like rhythm, tempo, phrasing and mood, it will also help your own understanding of being receptive and creative in your translation of music through movement.

This master class will accelerate your level of understanding so that you will be able to recognise a variety of styling elements and translate them into patterns of music, recognise key features including ‘light & shade’ and enhance your ability to listen for pattern changes in the music that leads movement.

Event summary

Musicality Workshop with Veronika Oliver

Event timing and prices

13:30 - 17:30
£25.00 pp

You can book alone as we rotate the class or as a couple

Suitable for anyone who is a competent Intermediate dancer or above with at least 1 years experience

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Travel & Parking information

15 minutes drive from Haywards Heath
20 minutes drive from Crawley
25 minutes drivefrom Brighton

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