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Blues Workshop

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Blues Workshop

Event description

This introduction to slow, smooth Blues dance will improve your lead, follow and musical interpretation.

Dancing slowly means mistakes are more visible, so this workshop is not about complex moves. The focus if on connection and moving as one.

We'll show you how to listen & respond to the music, allowing it to lead the dance ensuring you hit the frequent stops and breaks.

Developing connection will improve your dancing overall, whether it be on the blues dance-floor, SILC dance-floor or Ceroc dance-floor.

Event summary

Blues Workshop - Love Blues music? Learn to dance the dance. Connection and Musicality is key.

Event timing and prices

1.30pm - 4.30pm

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07958 587256

Travel & Parking information

The Fieldgate Centre is Signposted from the A339 at the Kingsclere roundabout.
The venue is 10 minutes from Newbury Centre and 10 minutes from Basingstoke
Free parking on the grounds

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