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WCS Masterclasses at Ceroc BLUSH 2019

WCS Masterclasses

Robert Cordoba has been dancing, teaching, performing, choreographing and judging for over thirty years. He returns to our Ceroc BLUSH Southport Dance Weekender to teach a selection of WCS Masterclasses and private lessons.

During the same weekender we also have a series of TANGO MASTERCLASSES that we have timed so you can book both without clashing!

West Coast Swing Masterclasses

  1. Use the online registration form (link below) to request places for Masterclasses.
  2. We will email everyone in batches to confrm places. We'll update this page when that has started.
  3. £10 per WCS Masterclass or £40 for all 6.
  4. Payment for Masterclasses is in cash at the beginning of the event to the Ceroc Weather Desk.
  5. A BLUSH 2019 weekender ticket is also required - click here for info and to book online.


FRI 01 MAR 2019

Friday WCS - all in the HURRICANE

  • Masterclass 1    21:00-22:00 DON'T FEAR THE BASICS - Progressive styling tips so you can look good doing the basic movements (Beginner Improvers)
  • WCS Freestyle   22:00-00:00

SAT 02 MAR 2019

Saturday WCS - all in the HURRICANE

  • Masterclass 2    13:15-14:15 LEVEL UP  - Fancy variations that take  your basics to the next level (Beginner Improvers)
  • Masterclass 3    17:00-18:00 STOP LOSING CONNECTION - How to be better connected without being more physical (Intermediate)
  • Masterclass 4    22:00-23:00 WILD WHIPS - Have fun with whip variations (Intermediate)
  • WCS Freestyle  23:00-01:00

SUN 03 MAR 2019

Sunday WCS - all in the HURRICANE

  • Masterclass 5    10:45-11:45 MUSICALITY - Using your body - simple things that hit those accents in the music (Intermediate Plus)
  • Masterclass 6    12:00-13:00 LESS IS MORE - Learn how to work smarter, not harder, and still look advanced (Advanced)


  1. Private Lessons £70 per solo / couple for an hour or £100 for a group of 4 people (any gender).
  2. A BLUSH 2019 weekender ticket is also required - click here for info and to book online.
  3. Email ceroc3@ceroc.com to book any private lessons. We are unable to take Masterclasses bookings by email - please use the form above.
  4. Include your name, the time slot(s) you would like to book and whether it's solo, couple or group.
  5. Payment is in cash at the beginning of the event at the Ceroc Weather Desk.

Available slots for private lessons:

  • Saturday 12:00-13:00 - NOW BOOKED
  • Saturday 14:30-15:30 - NOW BOOKED
  • Saturday 15:30-16:30 - NOW BOOKED
  • Saturday 18:30-19:30 - NOW BOOKED
  • Saturday 19:30-20:30 - AVAILABLE

WCS private lessons will take place in 'CROCS' within the main building. The Ceroc Weather Desk can provide directions.