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Tango Masterclasses at Ceroc BLUSH 2019

Tango Masterclasses at Ceroc BLUSH 2019

Omar Sosa  joins our Ceroc BLUSH Southport Dance Weekender to teach a selection of Tango Masterclasses and private lessons. Omar was born and raised in the heart of a traditional family of tangueros in Buenos Aires. He studied classical ballet, contemporary dance and choreographic composition at the prestigious San Martin Municipal Theatre Contemporary Dance School and Tango with the most famous masters milongueros of the dance. His work as dancer, teacher and choreographer spans from 1979 to the present day, and covers theatre, film and television in America, Europe, Africa, Japan and Australia.

Omar's thirty year career is highlighted by his work being presented in the main theatres around the world, at The Department of State of The White House in Washington, dancing personally for The Crown Prince of Japan, as a member of Argentina's Presidential Commitee of Entertainment performing for official and private presidential events and at the world congresses of Visa International, Toyota Motors Company and United Airlines, among many others.

His teaching experience in tango salon is supported not only by his work as a dancer and choreographer, but also by his profound knowledge of body language, biomechanics, and motion analysis. Omar has taught at various dance studios, academies and companies worldwide, and most notably at The Tango University of Buenos Aires and at The Academic National Art Institute in Buenos Aires (IUNA).

During the same weekender we also have a series of WCS MASTERCLASSES that we have timed so you can do both without clashing!

Tango Masterclasses

  1. Use the online registration form (link below) to request places for Masterclasses.
  2. We will email everyone in batches to confrm places. We'll update this page when that has started.
  3. £10 per Tango Masterclass or £40 for all 6.
  4. Payment for Masterclasses is in cash at the beginning of the event to the Ceroc Weather Desk.
  5. A BLUSH 2019 weekender ticket is also required - click here for info and to book online.

online registration has closed but you can register in person at the event - subject to availability

Places are allocated based on when the request is made and subject to gender-balancing. For ladies booking solo it increases your chances of being allocated if you can help encourage men to book.

FRI 01 MAR 2019

Friday Tango - all in the CYCLONE

  • Masterclass 1    22:15-23:15 BASIC FIGURES - Tango essentials 1 - basic figures, technique, musicality (Beginner/Improvers)
  • Tango Freestyle   23:15-01:00

SAT 02 MAR 2019

Saturday Tango - all in the HURRICANE

  • Masterclass 2    10:45-11:45 EMBRACE  - Tango essentials 2 - basic figures, embrace, musicality (Beginner/Improvers)
  • Masterclass 3    14:30-15:30 CROWD CONTROL - Tango sequences to dance on a crowded dance floor (Intermediate)
  • Masterclass 4    18:30-19:30 PLAYTIME ONE - Playful sequences for Milonga (Lisa and Traspie) (Intermediate)

SUN 03 MAR 2019

Sunday Tango - all in the HURRICANE

  • Masterclass 5    13:30-14:30 DYNAMICS - Elegant tango walks and turns, change of dynamics, style (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Masterclass 6    14:45-15:45 PLAYTIME TWO - Playful sequences for Milonga (Lisa and Traspie) (Intermediate/Advanced)


  1. Private lessons £60 per person or £80 per couple.
  2. A BLUSH 2019 weekender ticket is also required - click here for info and to book online.
  3. Email ceroc3@ceroc.com to book any private lessons. We are unable to take Masterclasses bookings by email - please use the form above.
  4. Include your name, the time slot(s) you would like to book and whether it's solo (£60) or couple (£80).
  5. Payment is in cash at the beginning of the event at the Ceroc Weather Desk.

Available slots for private lessons:

  • Saturday 12:00-13:00 - AVAILABLE
  • Saturday 15:45-16:45 - AVAILABLE
  • Saturday 19:45-20:45 - NOW BOOKED