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Tips For Finding Your Own Unique Dance Style

Everyone has their own unique style as a dancer. Yes, even you. It's just that, you may be struggling to find it. Although you think that you are inspired by the amazing dancers that you look up to, you actually dance like YOU. Finding a unique style is all about channeling creativity and letting go of any inhibitions or insecurities that you might have. Here are some tips to help you with that:

Listen to music you love

Dancing without music might make you look like a caricature. So, before you try to come up with a dance move all by yourself, listen to some music that you love and can connect to. It doesn't matter if it is a rap song by Lil Pump or a soulful rendition of an Adele number.

Let your body move in reaction to the sound

Do not let your moves be influenced by the hundreds of videos or dance performances that you have seen all these years. Forget all of that and focus on the music and yourself. Let your body organically react to the music, the sound and the tune. Just try to have fun and let the music guide your body.

Refine your movements through training

It is not that you have to completely ignore your dance training to find your own style. You can use your dance lessons as a way to guide your movements and refine them. Build your foundation through training, which can help you gain more direction in your own choreography and execution.

Whether you realise it or not, your potential as a dancer and your own style is just waiting to be discovered. Come be a part of our freestyle dance classes, who knows, you might discover your style in the process.