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Intro To Ballroom Dancing - Steps That You Should Know

Learning how to properly dance ballroom style and perfect the different moves requires a good habit of time and practice. If you are interested in learning ballroom dance, there are a few basic ballroom dance steps that you should know.

Ballroom dance posture

Your body needs to maintain certain postures. The head, shoulders, ribcage, hips, and legs are all connected but they should not be tight. Legs are supposed to move like scissors. The stomach muscles should pull in and shoulders should lower down. Try to lengthen your spine by lifting your chest. Make sure that you keep a natural curvature to the spine and do not tuck your hips in too far. Once your posture is perfect, you can make ballroom dancing look graceful, effortless, and elegant.


This is one of the types of ballroom dances. There is a sequence of two steps involved called a ball-change. A partial weight transfer on the ball of a foot, followed by a step on the other foot. The action is counted &1, or &2, or a1, or a2, etc., that is, the "ball" step splits off the end of the previous beat and changes to the other.

Triple Step

The triple step is performed a bit faster than the ball-change. The action is counted 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 and it is done by lifting your right foot and step forward a short distance on the count of one. Then, shift your weight back to your left foot on the count of "and," then immediately shift back forward to the right foot for the count of two. Keep track that you move your left foot forward on the count of three and repeat the quick rocking motion on "and four."

There are many dance steps that you can learn once you take up ballroom dance classes. At Ceroc we teach you how to dance and improve your lifestyle, keep fit, meet new people, gain your confidence and more.