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Master The Art Of Combining Hip-Hop With Ballet: Join Fun Dance Classes At Ceroc!

The Eureka moment for Homer Bryant, back in the early 1990s, was when he figured that mixing rap and hip-hop with ballet music could produce a hit. This remarkable fusion of music led to the birth of the music genre Hiplet. This beautiful and revolutionizing amalgamation of the two forms of dance took the industry by storm and before anyone even realized, the world's top dancers were gracefully dancing to its tunes. "Ballet puts your body in touch with your mind. And the rap beat keeps you stepping in time", said Homer once he trademarked the style in 2009 and released a video of his students performing it.

Hiplet - The Moves

Like ballet dance goes for the ethereal kind of music, Hiplet, generally is danced to pop music. It has more to do with earthiness. It has profoundness, as well; while the lower half of the body has to be sharp and percussive, the upper half — the way the arms are associated with the back — passes on a relatively more natural stream of movement.

Hiplet with care

The manner in which dance coaches approach Hiplet is that they don't give just anyone a chance to do it, since you must undergo quality training for your lower legs and ankles, or else you will hurt yourself, for sure. In conventional expressive ballets, you're extremely lifted; your center of mass is higher off the ground. With Hiplet, you figure out how to move towards the floor more, so you sort of turn around your center of mass from what you've been initially instructed. However, despite everything, you have some classic ballet components in it.

From the mouth of the birth-giver - Homer Bryant

Despite the fact that Hiplet challenges the conventional ideas of ballet dance, in which line and frame are held to precise principles, Mr. Bryant's mixture is borne more from established ballet dance than from hip-hop. As a previous individual from Dance Theater of Harlem, he fuses numerous artful dance ventures into his dances and says on that specific movements in hip-hop can't be switched to pointe.

Pre-requisites for Hiplet dancing

If you're thinking of owning the Hiplet style of dancing, it's important that you go through the following pre-requisites of the same.

  1. You have to have strong feet and legs, just like it is required for ballet dancing.
  2. It's an added advantage if you have expertise in pointe and are proficient in pulling your ankles back.
  3. You are passionate enough to devote your mind and body to mastering this weird puzzle.
  4. You have an aptitude for keeping your legs and feet in perfect harmony.

In case you match all these requirements, enroll yourself for fun dance classes at Ceroc, wherein the experts will leave no stone unturned to help you master the art of dancing, whether you're a nervous first-time beginner, an intermediate dancer, or a dance floor master, we have you covered. At Ceroc, you will learn to dance and improve your lifestyle. So, keep fit, meet new people, grow your confidence, and have fun dancing!