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Explore The Passionate Side Of You By Learning To Tango With Your Partner

During the greatest time in the history of dance in America (1910-1914), the Tango made its first appearance. It was, in a flash, a hit among dancers, given to its charming, topsy-turvy, and sophisticated steps, which added a dash of romance to the nation's dance awareness. Nobody’s sure about its origins, but it's believed to have started in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, or Mexico. The Tango was being danced in all parts of the world, but under different names. This gave rise to different types and perceptions of this incredible form of dance.

The various perceptions

In the US, when you mention Tango to an individual, they evoke the Hollywood picture of a couple moving ahead in promenade. Sadly, this picture is Hollywood fallacy. Dancers, however, may evoke more explicit images of Argentine Tango or its stylised variant American Tango. Ballroom dancers will additionally be well acquainted with International Tango, which was created in England and is popular mostly in Europe. 

A brief about the Tango

Before you go tippity tappity with Tango, understand what you're stepping into.
Argentine Tango is an interestingly complex social dance with a lot of scope for improvisations. On the other hand, American or International Tango have well defined syllabus and dancers learn specific steps and patterns for competitive events. No matter which style you pick, the end result will be three minutes of a sensual, passionate, internally focused connection, where two bodies move as one. Some women describe it as "walking meditation."

Learn Tango at Ceroc

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