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Start the New Year on the Right Foot with Ballroom Dance Lessons

Alexandru Pogor and Katrina North Ballroom Dancers at Ceroc Bliss Camber Sands 2018

A lot of us, at some point, may have made resolutions to losing weight or stay healthy and fit. Let’s be honest here, resolutions around losing weight have been around for the longest time and generally tend to not follow through. This is primarily because going to the gym is a relatively boring task. Yes you heard that right, a task!

But don’t give your hopes up just yet; there are alternatives to staying fit like Ballroom Dancing, which is both physically challenging and emotionally invigorating, both at the same time. Fitting into your favorite dress won’t seem like “mission impossible” anymore; with Ballroom Dancing, you can swiftly dance away your excess weight while enjoying an excellent blend of social interaction, mental stimulation, and physical activity. Not only will you see stress jumping out the window, but joining ballroom dance lessons on weekends will also significantly help you feel more connected to yourself.

3 reasons to start ballroom dancing this year

  1. This exquisite dance form is back in trend and there’s no better way to release your creative juices than this. Ballroom dancing is straightaway associated with being the most positive and non-gloomy form of dance. So throw your cares away and go dancing!
  2. Who hasn’t seen Cinderella? All of us had our hearts melting when we see the prince hold Cinderella in his arms, dancing swiftly to the beautiful music playing in the background. Would you not want to feel that, too? Is it not reason enough for you to finally start taking ballroom dance lessons?
  3. Since you’ll be required to required to resist your muscles to your own body weight, it is significantly going to add to your muscle endurance. Without even you realizing it, your muscles will get stronger and your body toned. Could it be any better?

Though it was started as a social dance form for the rich and the privileged, ballroom dancing is now available for all. So what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself for ballroom dance lessons!