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Learn to Salsa Dance - Dance Classes & Lessons

Salsa dance is almost a century old and it originated on the island of Cuba. The dance and music styles of salsa developed simultaneously along with other musical styles, such as mambo, flamenco, and tango in the1920s. The island of Cuba was the melting pot for these Latin dance forms at that time. The name ‘Salsa’ was coined by a Cuban studio, Fania, recognising the potential of the dance form. The name was spread around through word of mouth and radio. Then it started its journey to other parts of the world, starting with Miami and some parts of South America.

Though it has Cuban origin, its first traces can be found in our history that dates back further. The basic elements that makes the dance form what it is were brought together by immigrants who came to settle down in or were brought to Latin America. The land offered these immigrants a great chance to build a better life. It was during the final years of the nineteenth century that the first glimpses of Salsa, though it wasn’t given this name until then, were seen. It has now become a worldwide phenomenon that not just thrills professional competitors and club dancers. It has millions of fans around the world, and many who join salsa dance classes to twist with “Cuban motion”.

Ceroc is a dance phenomenon itself that is sweeping over the country faster than anything else. More people are joining in to learn different dance forms. The doors are open for dancers of every level. Whether you are a beginner, a professional dancer, or someone who has a few moves up their sleeves, Ceroc is the ideal place for you to take your dancing skills to the next level.

Our dance classes start with beginner lessons. So, if you are joining us late, you still wouldn’t miss out on the basics. We make dance lessons fun, and this is the reason we have become such a popular dance class in the short time we have been around.

Whether you want to go frenetic and learn those whirling salsa moves or take the sensual route and learn those moves that have rhumba and Argentine tango feel in them, join Ceroc.