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Joining Instructions

Ceroc Mist Weekender

Thank you for your booking!

We can't wait to welcome you into the exciting virtual world of MIST. 

Getting started is easy. In case you haven't done already;

  1. Download the Zoom app to your phone, tablet, laptop or computer desktop.
  2. Change your screen name to your unique Personal Identifier Code.
  3. Browse our schedule options below and click into your preferred room.

If you had booked before Thursday morning then you will have received a joining instructions email plus an additional access code email on Thursday morning containing your unique Personal Identifier Code. If you booked after Thursday morning then we'll send you a combined email together with the joining instructions and access code.

Click here for details about how to change your Zoom screen name

The 3 Schedule options

There are three ways for you to view our schedule and enter in to our dance rooms. Have a play around and find the method that suits you the best!

Remember, it is good to arrive in any of our virtual rooms 10 minutes before the start time of each lesson or DJ set. This means you won't miss the beginning, and you might even get the chance to chat to the teachers or DJs beforehand. 

Don't forget we are having a live practice session on Thursday evening from 8:15pm to make sure everybody is confident with the procedure, and to give you a chance to ask any questions. 

Pick your favourite method below, or use all three if it helps you to get around!

1. View the interactive PDF schedule

Click here to download our interactive PDF schedule.

Here, you can peruse what is going on in all 8 of our dance rooms for the entire weekend.

You may wish to print it off and circle your preferred lessons and DJ sets, or simply make a note in your diary about where you want to be and at what time. Click here for a version of the schedule that will print onto two sheets of A4 paper.

Once you have downloaded the PDF simply click on your preferred lesson or DJ set on the spreadsheet and you will be taken directly to your room.

Want to browse what else is going on? You can leave a room at any time and join another room, even if it is halfway through a set or lesson.  


2. Go straight to our room portal

Already know the name of the room that you want to visit? Then simply enter our Room Portal and click on the room name of your choice. You'll go straight to the live feed for that room.

If the portal link doesn't show the list of the rooms, then you can also use these direct links here:

Thunderball Room | Cyclone Hall | Tempest Studio | Hurricane Shelter | The Cube | The Playroom | The Track | The Queen Vic Pub


3. Browse events by time slots

Can't make your mind up? Simply click on your preferred time slot below and see what is happening over all 8 rooms at any one time. Once you've made your decision, click on the class or DJ set name, and once again, we will get you straight to your room.