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Ceroc want to keep you entertained whilst you are stuck at home, and therefore we are having a big sale on some of our best selling DVDs so you can enjoy even more dancing from your front room.

These DVDs will keep you entertained for hours, whilst at the same time developing your dance skills and keeping you fit and healthy...PLUS there is content for both couples and solo dancers in our selection. 

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NB. Postage of merchandise will be organised every Monday, however Royal Mail delivery times are taking a little longer than normal. Therefore please allow 10 working days to receive your order, and contact team@ceroc.com if it does not arrive by this time. We hope it will arrive much sooner than this, and we appreciate your patience under these unusual circumstances.




The perfect starter kit for any dancer. Learn 12 Basic moves and 8 set routines - providing new additions and challenges to our free online videos.

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Classic DVD

Intermediate moves can be daunting for the first time, and these 24 are the perfect 'next step up' for those who have just learned the basics. Simple Intermediate level moves that lay the foundations for harder variations. 

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Intermediate DVD

We all enjoy discovering new moves. This DVD is a step up from your ‘Classic’ moves and teach 30 timeless favourites for new Intermediates and seasoned dancers alike. 

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Hot New Moves Vol 1 & 2

New Moves DVD

This Double Disc sale features 75 moves! New moves are released each year, and these easy to follow DVDs break down our newest releases. Each DVD provides a range of top technical tips to help you lead and follow the move with confidence and style.

Buy now for 50% off (was £30...NOW £15!) or Find out more about these products


Ladies styling

Ladies Styling DVD

5 of the most stylish female dancers have come together to create a compendium of 80 influential style points. Whether you're a Beginner or an Advanced dancer there will be styling in this double disc DVD that you can incorporate into your dancing straight away. 

Buy now for 40% off (was £17.50...NOW £10!) or Find out more about this product



Blues 3 Disc Bundle (Beg, Int & Adv)

Blues DVD

Ceroc Blues DVDs will introduce you to the smooth and intimate style of Blues Dancing. 3 different DVDs to suit different experience levels so you can progress from newbie to pro in your front room. Hosted and presented by the King and Queen of Blues, Val and David Rokov.

Buy now for 70% off (was £52.50...NOW £15!) or Find out more about these products



SILC DVD Bundle (Foundation, Progressive & Developmental)


A ground-breaking new dance syllabus dedicated to a range of slow-tempo, contemporary music. 3 levels to suit 3 different learning abilities.

  1. Establish fundamental skills in order to dance to a vast catalogue of smooth and down-tempo music
  2. Progress your move repertoire to add depth and variation into your freestyle, enhancing your base technique
  3. Develop your interpretation of musicality, innovate your own choreography and take ownership of your style

Buy now for 50% off (was £64...NOW £30 for a bundle of all 3 DVDs)