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Blues DVD

Slow, smooth, sophisticated and stylish, the blues repertoire can add depth and dimension to your dancing.

Blues DVD

DISCOUNT Blues 3 Disc Bundle (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) for £15 (normally £52.50)


Is blues dancing for me?

With three structured and progressive DVDs, any ability level can tackle the Blues syllabus with confidence. 

Blues is danced to a very specific genre of music, favouring a slower tempo, and offering musical innovation which allows you to break, pause, style and express with your partner.

Our syllabus also places a heavy focus on technical mastery, connection, frame and control, so what you learn from Blues can significantly compliment your other dance practice, especially Ceroc. 


With these DVDs, you learn: 


Blues DVD

CEROC Beginners Blues DVD

Concentrating on Blues Basics: 

Basic Footwork and Close Positions --- Weight Distribution --- Spinning & Turning

After you learn "Concentrating on Blues Basics", you will then be ready to learn our 4 routines which can be linked together to create an elegant sequence.

CEROC Intermediate Blues DVD

Enhance your Blues Basics with:

Weight Transfer --- Improvisation & Footwork --- Perfect Lines in Dip and Drop Positions --- ‘Quick Fix’ moves to help you hit those stops in the music.

After you learn "Enhance your Blues Basics", you will then be ready to learn our 3 routines which can be linked together to create an impressive and smooth sequence perfectly punctuated by stops and improvisation.


CEROC Advanced Blues DVD

Blues DVD

Improve your Blues Musical Interpretation and introduce you to some ‘wow’ moves to take your Blues Dancing to another level. Many of the moves taught on this DVD can be danced at a quicker tempo to other moves from the Blues series so you can easily integrate them into your Ceroc dancing!

The 3 Routines in this DVD are challenging and can be linked together in sequence or combined with other moves from your growing Blues repertoire.