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Intermediate DVD

Add some spice to your freestyle by learning our favourite selection of Intermediate moves.

Intermediate DVD

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We all enjoy discovering new moves. This DVD is a step up from your ‘Classic’ moves and will offer something for new Intermediates and seasoned dancers alike.

Within Ceroc you can enjoy over 900 Intermediate moves. With so many to worry about, we have done the hard work by selecting an exciting range of styles, ability levels and techniques and bundled them together in one DVD.

Our 30 moves are categorised for you:

  • Sizzling Showstoppers
  • Sassy Spins
  • Stops & Blocks
  • Fancy footwork
  • Tricks & Transfers
  • Smooth-flow

Focus on one or two moves at a time, reahearse them at home, practice them in your venues, and supersize your repertoire! With easy to follow tips for both partners, this DVD is an excellent resource for both leads and followers. 

Is the intermediate dvd right for me?

The Intermediate DVD is a step up from the Classics DVD. It explores a range of variations and lots of different styles. If you are confident with learning new moves, but you struggle to retain them, then this is the DVD for you. If you are bored of your own repertoire and looking for something a little different, then this will tickle your tastebuds for years to come.


With this DVD, you learn: 

Yoyo Spinning Top --- Secret and Spin --- Pretzel Comb
Flingy Flung Spin Out --- Wrap Turnout

Comb Lean --- High First Armroll Seducer --- Sway Left Handed Turnout
Cross Handed Spin And Drop --- High First Tango Twist


First Move Walkthrough --- Penguin Mambo --- High First Syncopated
Cross Step Swizzle --- Shouldersway About Face

Shouldersway Switch Back Block --- Yoyo Barrier Comb
Wurlitzer Wind Switch --- Swizzle Shoulderlock --- Cerocspin Combo


Shouldersway Illusion --- High First Lever --- Left Handed Duckspin Comb
Basket Unwind Forwards --- Basket Switch Sway

Flamenco First --- Neckbreak Mambo --- Closed Neckbreak Turnout
Lever Sway --- Hatchflick Caress