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Website progress

Hi Ceroc team, please find below a list of actions required to complete the Ceroc website. We've marked the ones which are complete and assigned date ranges to those which are outstanding. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Website setup & configuration

  • Development domain name setup - COMPLETE
  • Installation of content management system - COMPLETE
  • Installation of all templates - COMPLETE
  • Setup of all template output fields - COMPLETE
  • Creation of website site tree (sitemap) - COMPLETE
  • Creation of test web pages and insertion of test content - COMPLETE

Website include and generic layout

  • Setup of header, footer, breadcrumbs, social and side bar widget includes - COMPLETE
  • Header markup and dynamic navigation code - COMPLETE
  • Setup of footer with dynamic links to CMS fields and social
  • Header CSS scripts (and responsive code) - COMPLETE
  • Footer CSS scripts (and responsive code) - COMPLETE
  • Generic layout CSS scripts - COMPLETE
  • Generic content CSS scripts - COMPLETE
  • Generic form CSS scripts - COMPLETE
  • CMS content CSS scripts
  • Brand specific CSS scripts (Colour, shape and typography) - COMPLETE

Website templates

Franchisee extensions

  • Register
  • Login
  • Forgotten password
  • Dashboard
  • Change email
  • Change password
  • Edit profile
  • All events
  • Add/Edit/Delete event