The ‘Classic’ moves are the foundation to your dancing.
Master these 24 moves and you will have a strong grasp of the key techniques of our dance.
By learning these moves at your own pace, you will find the Intermediate classes much easier to digest.
Looking great on the dance floor is not as tricky as you first thought!

  • CEROC ® Classics DVD£15 Order Now : Item No. TBAAdd 24 new moves to your repertoire.
  • RoutinesLearn 8 smooth flowing routines. 
  • LinksUnderstand better how moves link together.

With this DVD, you learn:

Double Handed Moves
Basket Winder
DH Return Shoulder Turnout
Basic Changing Places

Left Handed Moves
Almost Pretzel
Open Pretzel
Closed Neckbreak
Left Handed Eight
Inside First
High First Block
High First Mambo
Travelling Block Turn

Right Handed Moves
Sway Spinout
Shouldersway Switch
Catapult Turnout
Double Handed Yoyo
Right Handed Caress
Accordion Cleaver

and 8 Routines